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Getting Started
Logging Into Shepherd and User Roles

Setting up and using different user roles to limit access to functions or features.

5 articles
Setting Up Shepherd

Get acquainted with the ins and outs of admin settings, user account creation and more.

11 articles
Client and Patient Profiles

Manage your client and patient information, including previous medical records.

8 articles
Schedule and Appointments

Find out how to schedule appointments and manage your schedule.

5 articles

Take a look at what makes our SOAP work with you—and not against you.

5 articles

What you need to know about writing prescriptions.

2 articles
Estimates, Invoices, Statements, Payments & Pet Insurance

Learn more about estimates, invoices, payments/refunds and insurance claims.

17 articles

Learn more about vaccine, rabies and sterilization certificates.

3 articles

Forms are used for client consent forms and internal forms such as dental charts.

3 articles

Learn about using the Whiteboard to schedule treatments for patients

1 article
Tasks and Internal Communication

Here's how to use tasks to run a bit more efficiently.

2 articles
Client Communications

Learn all about communicating with your clients. SMS, Email and Reminders, oh my!

10 articles
Pet Owner Portal

An easy way for your clients to manage appointment requests, Rx refill requests, online payments, and more!

10 articles
Products and Services

Learn about managing your clinic's available products, services and bundles.

5 articles

Setting up, using, and monitoring Inventory.

8 articles

Measure clinic health with Shepherd's reports. Here's how.

4 articles
Time Clock

Learn about a simplified employe time tracking solution.

1 article
Group Multi-Location Access

Learn about shared group accounts features.

11 articles

Learn more about setting up and using integrations

83 articles

Have questions? Great! We have answers.

6 articles
Release Notes

Review some of our recent releases

7 articles