Our founder Cindy Barnes, DVM designed Shepherd from the ground up for one purpose: to bring vets joy. In the midst of euthanasias, deworming, and pulling unspeakable things from everywhere imaginable (and sometimes unimaginable), the last thing you want is software that’s working against you.

So, we designed Shepherd to bring you joy by saving you:

  • Time: eliminate redundant tasks like discharge instructions, reminders, and invoices—it’s all done automatically

  • Money: add a treatment to the record and it’ll be in your invoice; say goodbye to missed charges

  • Sanity: make records and invoices right the first time—and if you need help, we’ve been there and are happy to chat

Use our checklist as a guide through Shepherd's core functionality. You'll go through everything from scheduling a patient to checking a client out with a completed invoice.

This checklist will automatically show up if you're logging into your Shepherd demo account, as well. And don't worry if you need to break up your training. It'll stay in Shepherd until you've completed everything.

Each section of the help center has its own series of articles, interactive walkthroughs, and videos that show you the ropes of Shepherd. It's all designed to be as bite-sized as possible.

You can always access our help center at help.shepherd.vet.

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