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Cubex: Integration Overview
Cubex: Integration Overview

Automatically check patients in and out and send order from Shepherd to your Cubex device.

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Shepherd's Cubex integration allows you to automatically check in and check out patients from Shepherd to your inventory device. The integration will automatically send over any med orders associated with the patient to the Cubex device.

Enabled Integrations:

Patient Integration

  • When a patient is checked in via Shepherd, then the integration will activate the patient at the Cubex inventory device.

  • The patient will activate at the cabinet when an appointment is created, a patient is manually checked in.

  • The patient will deactivate at the Cubex device when the appointment is completed or when the patient is manually checked out.

Profile Integration

  • When an item is added to the Shepherd P or RX tab within the SOAP, the integration will send the med order to the Cubex device, readily available to issue the item for the active patient.

Getting Started

We've made guides that walk you through each part of the process, from setup to utilizing the integration.

We'd recommend going through them in order:

  1. Integration setup: connecting Shepherd and Cubex

  2. Utilizing the integration: learn how the integration works

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