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Zoetis Vetscan: Integration Overview
Zoetis Vetscan: Integration Overview

Integrate Zoetis Vetscan with Shepherd

Updated over a week ago

Shepherd's Zoetis Vetscan integration allows users to automatically add—and invoice—any Vetscan service directly from a patient's record.

Bidirectional integrations are available for most of Zoestis' Point-of-Care suite.

The only analyzer that does not support bidirectional capabilities is Vetscan VSpro.

We've made guides that walk you through each part of the process, from setting up the integration to getting results in a SOAP.

  1. Integration setup: getting Shepherd and Vetscan to work together

  2. Adding diagnostic services: adding and modifying integrated lab services to Shepherd

  3. Ordering services: using the integration from a patient's record

  4. Results: how and where to view completed results

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