What's different about Shepherd Pay Payments?

If your clinic uses Shepherd Pay, you're actively processing transactions through the software vs. just recording them.

  • All Shepherd Pay payments have a Reference Number. Use this when looking for a specific payment in your Gateway Portal or as a quick reminder that the payment took place using Shepherd Pay

  • Shepherd Pay must be selected Refund Method when processing refund transactions or the transaction will not take place

  • For more information on manual transactions and invoices in the Shepherd Pay Gateway Portal, click here

  • For how to refund through Shepherd Pay when the payment originated from elsewhere (before transitioning to Shepherd Pay) click here

  1. From the take payment screen, select Use Terminal

  2. When you select Shepherd Pay as the payment method, a section of payment options will populate. If the client has stored payment methods, you can select from those options. If the client doesn't have stored payment methods, you can add a payment method manually or swipe the client's card.

  3. Once you've added and selected a payment method, Check Out

  1. From the refund screen, select Shepherd Pay as the Refund Method

  2. When you select Shepherd Pay as the refund method, a Payments section will populate. Select the corresponding payment to refund (refunds through Shepherd Pay must be associated with a payment)

  3. Add the refund amount (the amount of the refund cannot exceed the payment associated with the refund even if the negative outstanding balance is greater or there is a credit balance)

  4. Add refund notes if applicable

  5. Check Out

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