Giving clients the option to manage their pet’s care through our pet portal reduces the number of phone calls and frees up your staff to complete other important tasks. With Shepherd’s new pet portal, you can streamline client communication to give yourself more time, more fulfilled teams, and more opportunities to provide the best care

Our pet portal gives clients the ability to submit appointment and Rx refill requests, make online payments, access vaccine history, and more, all online! All requests populate directly in Shepherd, allowing your team to view and take action easily.

With the portal, you will have a link that you may add to your practice website, social media, or even printed materials. Display this link to allow new and existing clients to request their pet's next appointment or prescription refill online. The URL is customizable and located within your clinic admin settings. See the setup help article for more information.

Both new and existing clients can submit appointment requests through the portal. These requests are displayed directly in Shepherd so you can easily locate and suggest an available appointment time to the client. Once an appointment time is suggested, the client will be able to confirm directly from their email or through the portal.

Clients now have access to their pet’s prescription history, the number of refills remaining, and an easy way to request a refill. These requests are displayed directly on your main dashboard under 'Rx Refill Requests'. Once approved and completed, you can even choose to send the client a notice via email or text (SMS) that it is ready for pick up!

Shepherd Pay allows clients to pay their invoices within their pet portal, instantly processing the payment and updating your records. Note: This requires that your practice uses our internal payment processing with Shepherd Pay.

Clients have easy access within the portal to see and print vaccine history for their pets at any time.

Clients will be able to see a medical record history for their pets for quick reference on what services were performed and when. Note: this does not display any medical record notes or details; it shows line item history and visit dates.

You can create announcements, both for the public and for clients only, that will display on the portal for quick notices that you want to provide to clients. This is helpful for things like closures on upcoming holidays, monthly promotions, etc.

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