Note: You need to set up your ZRL integration if that hasn't already been done.

Importing Diagnostic Services

While you have access to ZRL's vast reference lab library, there's a good chance you won't need all of them. In this article, we'll cover importing them to your Shepherd product/service library.

Tip: If you already have Zoetis Reference Lab products/services in your Shepherd product database that are not mapped to ZRL, we’d recommend either:

• Changing the existing name to make it clear it's not mapped to ZRL

• Deactivating all non-mapped products

First thing's first: we'll need to open up the ZRL database, which is found in your practice's products and services database (Admin > Products > ZRL Products).

To add an ZRL service to your Shepherd database:

  1. Deactivate the 'Show Mapped' toggle (green)

  2. Search for the ZRL service you want to import (light blue)

  3. (optional) Add any default markup for the product (orange)

    • This is useful if you mark up certain kinds of ZRL services the same amount

    • You'll need to add the percentage, then click the green checkbox that will appear to the right

  4. Click the checkbox on the left for each service you want to import (pink)

    This will automatically add them to your mapped ZRL services.

Mapping unmapped ZRL services in Shepherd. Note: This may appear differently than what you see based on what you (don't) have mapped in your clinic.

Once those have been imported into Shepherd, you'll be able to add them to any patient treatment plan. And if you need, you can always come back and edit them.

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