1. Sign in to the Gateway Portal here (change your password immediately for security purposes)

  2. Click Control Panel

  3. Click General to add your Accounts Payable email address in the below sections:

    1. System Settings

    2. Receipt Settings

    3. Reply to (to receive an email for every transaction)

    4. Send Transaction Error Emails To

    5. Batch Settings (here, you'll also select when you want the batch to close)

      1. Send Batch Reports to

      2. Send Batch Errors to

    6. Save!

  4. Adding Users and access

    1. Still under Control Panel, select Users

    2. Select Create User

    3. Complete all required fields including name and email address

    4. Switch on Master User if this user should have full access

      1. If the user is not a master user, select the permissions you approve for the user (use the i symbol to learn more about each permission)

    5. Save!

  1. Navigate to the Batches tab of your Gateway Portal

  2. In the Batch dropdown, select the batch you wish to export

  3. Click the Export button to export the batch into a .csv file

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel

  2. Select General Settings

  3. Under Batch Settings, adjust the time you want your batches to close

  4. Here, you can also make any edits to transactions emails and errors and batch reports and errors notifications

  5. Save!

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