You can now set your own shortcuts directly within Shepherd that allow you to use single words or brief descriptions to pre-fill expanded text. Use shortcuts for those sentences you find yourself typing over and over again πŸ˜‰

There are two types of shortcuts you can use with Shepherd: Clinic Shortcuts and User Shortcuts

Clinic Shortcuts

These shortcuts are clinic-wide and any clinic user can access them for use across the software.

User Shortcuts

User Shortcuts allow all individual users to create their own specified shortcuts, separate from the clinic's shortcuts. These are user-specific and can only be used and edited by the corresponding user.

Clinic Shortcuts

  1. Navigate to Clinic Settings under Admin in your Shepherd menu and click Edit Clinic Settings

  2. Click the tab called Clinic Shortcuts

    1. here you'll see a toggle allowing you to enable user-level shortcuts. I'll explain this setup below

  3. Your list of Clinic Shortcuts will be displayed to the left; new Clinic Shortcuts are created on the right

  4. Click Add New Shortcut

  5. The Shortcut field will have a pre-filled / symbol; begin entering your shortcut text after the symbol

    1. typing the / symbol triggers your shortcuts options dropdown when typing in an open text field

  6. Enter the text you wish to pre-fill when you type the shortcut

  7. Click Save

  8. Your shortcut is added to the Clinic Shortcuts list and is ready to use!

User Shortcuts

You must enable User Shortcuts with the toggle from within the Clinic Shortcuts tab under Edit Clinic Settings

  1. Navigate to your user profile by clicking your name from the Shepherd menu

  2. Click the Personal Info tab

    1. Creating User Shortcuts works the same as Clinic Shortcuts, just in a popup window

  3. Click Add New

  4. Enter the Shortcut Name

  5. Enter the text you want to pre-fill for that Shortcut

  6. Click Save

  7. Your shortcut is added to your User Shortcuts list and is ready to use!

If User Shortcuts are enabled, you'll see 2 icons in the upper right corner of each open text field. The lightning bolt icon will show your list of Clinic Shortcuts while the bubble with your initials will show only your User Shortcuts. If User Shortcuts are disabled, you'll see only the lightning bolt icon.

Click an icon to view the corresponding list of shortcuts or type "/" and begin typing to search the shortcuts list, narrowing the results as you type

Select from the list of shortcuts to enter the pre-fill text you provided when creating the shortcut.

It's that easy!

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