Fear Free Integration

Say goodbye to additional paperwork and forms with our custom-built integration!

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Our custom-built Fear Free integration embeds an emotional medical record (EMR) directly into your workflow. Easily access and track patients’ fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS) score and changes over time. Provide the safest and most comfortable environment for patients, clients, and staff!

Send us a chat today if you're a Fear Free Certified Practice and haven't yet had Fear Free enabled in your software!

EMRs are created and completed just as easily as physical exams within Shepherd! Say goodbye to additional paperwork that needs to be added to your medical record.

They are created and edited from within the SOAP until the SOAP is locked.

  1. On the Objective tab of the SOAP, find the Emotional Medical Record section below the Physical Exam

  2. Click Add EMR to begin the patient's emotional medical record

  3. Select from a list of Pre-Visit Management Interventions like in-hospital sedation or motion sickness medication

  4. Select the patient's Preferred Healthcare Provider (Gender) and Preferred Entrance, if any

  5. Enter the patient's Likes, Triggers, and Preferred Distraction Techniques; these are open-text fields allowing you to customize instructions for each patient

  6. Select the patient's Preferred Exam Location (floor, carrier, lap, etc.) and any Behavioral Management Products that should be used

  7. Note the details of In-Hospital Sedation medications if applicable

  8. Finally, you'll select from a scale of 0-5 for different areas or experiences the patient may encounter during their visit, 0 being no FAS and 5 being high FAS; these selections generate the EMR graph in the patient's profile. The final selection is "Other," allowing you to detail and score something not listed.

Once an EMR is added to the SOAP, you can view the most recent details alongside the FAS chart in the patient profile under the EMR Overview section.

Creating a new EMR with each visit will add new points to the FAS Chart in the patient profile, easily depicting changes in the patient's FAS scores over time.

  • Use the key at the bottom to understand the colors in the chart

  • Hover over the chart near the date an EMR was created to see those scores in an easy-to-read list

  • Use the icons to filter the results to a specific timeframe or print the patient's FAS Chart

A Pre-Visit Questionnaire is loaded into your form templates; it cannot be edited.

The completed questionnaire gives your clinic valuable information on the patient's behavioral specifications that help you make sure the patient, client, and staff feel as safe as pawsible. You can reference this form when creating the patient's EMR.

  1. From the patient profile, under the Forms tab, click Send Form

  2. Select the appropriate PVQ based on the patient species (Amphibian, Avian, and Porcine have species-specific PVQs; all other species should get the standard PVQ)

  3. Email or text the form to the client to fill out before their appointment

  4. Once completed, easily import the form into the patient's general history or specific SOAP for that visit

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