This issue is usually caused by a mismatched setting. Verify that you have properly configured all of the settings below (pay careful attention to "Margins" and "Headers and "Footers" for this issue).

  1. Select ‘More Settings’

  2. Set Layout to ‘Landscape’

  3. Select ‘30258 Diskette’ as the paper size

    1. Note: Due to a recent update of Chrome, some users may not see the expected paper sizes. If you do not see '30258 Diskette', look for "custom 54.02x69.85mm" until this issue between Dymo and Chrome is resolved.

  4. Set Margins to 'Minimum'

  5. Set Scale to 'Default'

  6. Ensure that the checkboxes for 'Headers and footers' and 'Background graphics' are NOT checked

  7. Select ‘Print’

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