Release Notes | 6.2.22

Our new pet owner portal and updates for the whiteboard and schedule.

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New Features

Pet Owner Portal

It's here! You will now have the ability to turn on a pet owner portal that allows your clients to submit appointment requests and prescription refills, process online payments through Shepherd Pay, and access vaccine records.

Feature Updates


The whiteboard has received a big facelift and you will now see a more traditional appearance of a treatment sheet. Treatments are now listed by patient and time due instead of listing all of the individual treatments for each patient with separate pages for STAT, scheduled, and PRN. Any STAT or overdue treatments will be highlighted in red.

Viewing all patient treatments

You can click on the patient's row to expand all of the treatments for that patient.

Administering treatments

You can still administer treatments directly from the whiteboard by clicking on the treatment time box to open up that treatment or by clicking into the patient's SOAP.


You can filter the patients listed by location by using the filter icon by the location title or by patients assigned to you by clicking the "Assigned to Me" button.

Due now

If you navigate away from the current time to see future treatments or past due treatments, you can click the "Due now" button to come back to the current time.


Appointment Calendar

You can now pin one or more provider columns to see them listed first in the provider view by double-clicking the pin icon. The pin is specific to each user so all team members can choose a different layout to view if needed.

The schedule is now shown according to screen size so you no longer have to scroll down on the entire page to see later time slots. This also allows you to always see the provider names on the screen without having to scroll up and down. In addition to the improvements for scrolling up and down, you can now easily scroll from side to side to see all of the providers.

Provider Settings

When adding or editing provider availability, you will see an improved page layout to make it easier and quicker to adjust the settings.

Recurring Appointments

When you edit an appointment within a recurring sequence and you select "this appointment", it will remove that appointment from the sequence to avoid changing or deleting other appointments in the past or future.

Internal Communication | Tag a User

You can now tag a user in more places within Shepherd including patient notes!

Rabies Vaccine Report

You will now see additional information on the rabies vaccine report including patient species and breed, gender, altered/unaltered status, DOB, and tag number.

Chronic Medications

You can now set a medication as chronic or not at any time, regardless of being an original prescription or a refill.

SMS Messaging

You can now search within open and closed messages.

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