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Whiteboard Overview
Whiteboard Overview

What is the Whiteboard feature and how can you best utilize it?

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The Whiteboard allows you to see all of the ordered treatments in your clinic. This includes STAT, Scheduled, and PRN treatments for all patients currently checked in with an Active SOAP.

Note: The Whiteboard can be enabled or disabled within your Clinic Settings in Admin.

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Scheduled Treatments

To schedule treatments on the whiteboard, check out our SOAP overview as treatments are scheduled under the Plan of the patient's SOAP.

STAT Treatments

STAT treatments will show under the STAT column and will be highlighted with pink until they are completed.

Scheduled Treatments

Scheduled treatments will show at the scheduled time and will be highlighted in blue until they are completed.

NOTE: If a treatment is overdue, there will be a red box in the column to the right of the PRN column.

PRN Treatments

PRN Treatments will show under the PRN column.

Viewing Treatments per Patient

You can select the patient from the whiteboard to open that individual patient's full Tx sheet.

Administering Treatments

To administer a Tx, select the colored box for that Tx, either from the individual patient's Tx sheet or the main whiteboard directly. This will open the treatment details where you can administer, stop, or postpone the Tx. You may also add specific Tx notes that will log in the patient's medical record.

Assigned to Me

You can filter the whiteboard to quickly see patients that are assigned to you by selecting the Assigned to Me button. To filter patients, you must be assigned as a user on that patient's active SOAP.

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