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Internal Communication | Tag a User
Internal Communication | Tag a User

Streamline internal communication by tagging users for updates.

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To help with internal communication, you can tag users directly within notes to send them a notification on their profile!

NOTE: If a tag is made within the patient's SOAP or history, the tag will be exported as part of the medical record.

Tagging a User

To tag a user, type '@' and you will see a menu listing all current users. Typing the user's name will narrow down the results to choose from.

NOTE: Editing a note with a tagged user will not send a new notification.

User Notifications

Once a note has been saved, the tagged user will see a red badge next to their name on the left panel and then can select 'My profile' to see the notification.

From the notifications tab, you can click on the specific notification you would like to read and you will be directed to that client, patient, SOAP, etc.

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