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Upload Vaccine History and Create Reminders
Upload Vaccine History and Create Reminders

Add previous vaccines to a patient's vaccine history and create reminders to send the client notifications when it is due again.

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When a client brings in previous vaccine history, you can add the vaccines directly to the patient profile. You can also generate a reminder from the vaccine entry so the client will receive notifications when it is due again.

You may also opt to upload the vaccine file to the patient's files for reference. Check out our guide on uploading previous records for more information.

Add Previous Vaccines to the Patient's Profile

To enter previous vaccines in a patient's profile:

  1. Select the Vaccinations tab within the patient profile

  2. Select +Add Vaccination

  3. This will prompt a New Vaccination input page to open

Vaccination Details

The only required fields to create a new vaccine are the name, administration date, and due date. The other available fields will populate on vaccine certificates so it is helpful to fill them out if you have it.

Note: There is a checkbox at the bottom of the page to indicate if the vaccine is a Rabies vaccine. If this box is selected, you will be able to select this vaccine when generating a new Rabies Certificate.

Once you save the vaccine information, it will automatically populate in the patient's Vaccinations tab on their profile.

Add a Reminder Previous Vaccine

When you administer a vaccine through a SOAP, it will automatically populate a reminder according to your templates within Admin. If you are adding a previous vaccine, you will need to also add a reminder so the client will receive notifications when it is due again.

  1. Select the expansion arrow to the left of the vaccine

  2. This will display all the information you added when entering the previous vaccine

  3. Search and select an existing reminder to link

  4. Select +Add Reminder

  5. Once a reminder is selected it will auto-save and link to the vaccine

Note: All active reminder templates you have created within Shepherd's Admin > Reminders section will populate in the search bar to apply to previous vaccines.

The newly linked reminder will also populate in the patient's Reminders tab now.

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