Upload Previous Records

Adding previous medical records to a patient's history in Shepherd.

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If a new patient brings previous records or if you receive records from an ER or specialist, you can upload those records into the patient profile. These records are uploaded directly to the Patient Files section on the profile.

Uploading Files

To add a new patient file, scroll to the bottom of the patient's profile. Click to upload or drag and drop your document in the Patient files section.

Renaming Files

If you need to rename the file after uploading it, select the three-dot icon to the right of the file and select Rename. It is helpful for the file to have a clear name of what is included in the file when you are looking at all of the patient's history.

Viewing Patient Files

To see all of the files in a patient’s record, select the ‘View All Items’ button in the Patient Files section of the patient's profile. This will take you to a complete list of the patient’s files that were uploaded directly on the profile and within SOAPs.

You can filter the list by file type or search for the file if you know its name.

Tip: Files uploaded directly in a SOAP will have the View SOAP icon you can select to enter the SOAP it was uploaded in.

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