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Postcard Reminders: Printing In-House
Postcard Reminders: Printing In-House

How to create postcard reminders in-house

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Postcards are a great tangible reminder for clients to continue caring for their pets, so we have two ways to send them out! To print them directly from Shepherd, follow the simple steps below. To print via PostcardMania, click here.

To print postcards within Shepherd:

  1. Navigate to the Reporting tab

  2. Select "Reminders"

  3. Select the action button on the top right

  4. Select 'Print Postcard' Tip: any search/filters applied will be reflected when printing

Note: Postcards will print only for reminders that are overdue and/or due within the next 45 days

There will be three postcards per page and one postcard per patient (unless they have more than 15 reminders, then they will receive two).

To make printing more accessible, you can purchase 3-Up Reminder Cards. The following link is an example of Postcard sheets:

Postcard Note

To add a 'Postcard Note' for any clinic-wide announcements you would like to include:

  1. Navigate to the Clinic Settings (Admin > Clinic Settings)

  2. Select the 'Edit Clinic Settings' button

  3. Select the 'Advanced Settings' tab

  4. Enter your message in the 'Postcard Note' textbox field (135 character limit)

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