While you have access to Antech's vast reference lab library, there's a good chance you won't need all of them. In this article, we'll cover importing them to your Shepherd product/service library.

Tip: If you already have Antech diagnostics products/services in your Shepherd product database that are not mapped to Antech, we’d recommend either:

  1. Changing the existing name to make it clear it's not mapped to Antech

  2. Deactivating all non-mapped products

Note: You need to set up Antech integration first if that hasn't already been done.

Adding an Antech Service

First thing's first: we'll need to open up the Antech product database, which is found in your practice's products and services database (Admin > Products > Antech Products).

Next up: let's add an Antech service to your Shepherd database:

  1. Deactivate the 'Show Mapped' toggle

    1. Once services have been added/mapped, they will display by default when viewing the main Antech database

  2. Search for the Antech service you want to add

    1. You can search by lab name or code in the main search bar

  3. Select 'edit' from the actions section on the right-hand side

  4. Select the 'active' toggle to add the service to your mapped products

  5. Select 'Product Settings'

  6. From here, you'll be able to customize your product settings

If you would like to add a group of Antech services to your database, you can select the checkbox on the left of each service for 'Add to Products'. After this, you will need to enable to 'Show Mapped' toggle to then edit/customize the services just added.

List Prices & Default Markup

If you add a default markup on the main Antech Products page, this automatically adds the markup to new products as they are mapped. Note: if you add or change the default markup, this will not be retroactively added to already mapped products.

The default markup is used to calculate the selling price based on the standard list price. The standard list price is set by Antech.

Note: at this time, Antech does not send over any list prices through the integration so you will have to calculate your selling prices manually.

Editing/Updating a Antech Service

  1. Open your clinic's products section (Admin > Products)

  2. Select the Antech Products tab

  3. Search for and select the service you want to edit

  4. Select the 'Product Settings' button

Changing Product Status From Inactive to Active

If a product status is changed to inactive by toggling off 'Active' the product will then populate in the inactive status. It does not go back to being un-mapped again.

To activate an inactive product:

  1. Filter status under mapped products

  2. Select the box to mark the product active

  3. Make edits to the product as needed

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