Getting started with forms


Users with the ‘Manage Forms’ permission are able to create, edit, and send out forms to clients. These forms can be anything from new patient forms to consent for euthanasia.

Tip: A user with the Practice Owner role will automatically have this permission, but will need to grant additional permissions to other users.

Viewing/Creating Form Templates

Click the ‘Forms’ tab on the left navigation panel (red) to create new forms and edit/view previously created forms

Location of the 'forms' tab in the navigation panel

Finding 'Forms' on the navigation panel

To create a new Form Template:

  1. Click ‘Create Form’ button (above in green)

  2. Fill in Template Name and Description (optional)

  3. Text Options

    1. Add a Field (orange): Adding a Field allows for many input options such as Date, Signature, Initial, etc.

      Tip: Use the Physical Exam help article for info on the controls/input

    2. Add Text Block (pink): adds text for the pet owner to read, but may not necessarily need to sign/fill anything in

New form template creation

Creating a new form

Sending Form to Clients

There are multiple ways to send a Form to a client:

  1. From the Forms tab on the left navigation panel

    1. Click the envelope Action button for the form you wish to use

How to use an existing form

Choosing an existing form

Step one: choose recipient

Choosing a recipient

b. Input Client/Patient information

i. To send to the client’s email address, click ‘Share Form’

ii. To create a link, click ‘No email address?’— this will provide a link that can either be opened in the hospital (convenient for tablets) or can be sent as a text in the Messaging center

2. From the Client Profile Page

a. Click the ‘Forms’ tab and click ‘Send Form’ (red)

sending a form

Sending a form from the client profile page

b. Select the appropriate Form Template and input the Patient Name

i. For new patients, the Patient field can be left blank

c. After clicking ‘Share Form’, you will be given the option to either email the form directly to the client, or use the link to use in-hospital/Messaging center

step two: sharing a form

Sharing a form with a client

choosing a form

Choosing a form to share with a client

Once a Form has been sent, it will show as ‘Pending’ under the Forms section of the Client profile.

After the client has completed the form, the status will change to ‘Complete’ and it can then be printed or saved as a PDF to be uploaded into the Client/Patient profiles.

Tip: After the client submits a form, they will receive a completed copy to their email

Reviewing sent forms

Coming Soon:

-Ability to create merge tags for client/patient names to Text Block option when creating a template

-Ability to print pending responses under the Client profile

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