Pet Assure Integration

If you're a Pet Assure practice, you can seamlessly discount all Pet Assure members—without manual validation.

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If you're a Pet Assure practice, this integration will allow you to quickly add and validate a Pet Assure membership. It will also instantly apply the Pet Assure member discount to all applicable services on the client's invoice - no manual validation or calculations needed!

What is Pet Assure?

Pet Assure is a referral network that’s proven to refer high-quality clients to veterinarians across the country. Build strong relationships with clients who care about their pets and prioritize their pets’ healthcare. Download our flyer to learn more!

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When you join Pet Assure, you will also receive a special monthly promotion for Shepherd.

Activating the Pet Assure Integration

From the integrations section of Shepherd (Admin > Integrations):

  1. Click on the Pet Assure card

  2. Enable the integration

Adding the Discount to Services

With the integration activated, you'll be able to add the Pet Assure discount to products and services. To do this:

  1. Open your 'products and services' section
    (Admin > Products)

  2. Click on the service that is eligible for a discount

  3. Check the 'Pet Assure Discount Eligible (25%)' box

  4. Repeat for all applicable services

Note: You can filter by product category for easier tracking and applying the discount on services needed. We also offer a bulk edit option that you can have enabled. If needed, reach out to our support team through the chat!

Adding the Client's Pet Assure Member ID

  1. Opening the client profile

  2. Clicking the 'Edit' button in their information section

  3. Add their Pet Assure member ID in the Member ID field

  4. Click 'Save'

Note: The Pet Assure membership (25%) discount removes other existing client discounts that may have been previously applied.

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