Pet Assure Integration

If you're a Pet Assure practice, you can seamlessly discount all Pet Assure members—without manual validation.

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If you're a Pet Assure practice, this integration will allow you to quickly add a Pet Assure member's discount information so that it syncs seamlessly with invoicing in Shepherd. The process has three main steps:

Activating the Pet Assure Integration

From the integrations section of Shepherd (Admin > Integrations):

  1. Click on the Pet Assure card

  2. Turn the toggle to the "on" position

Adding the Discount to Products

With the integration activated, you'll be able to add the Pet Assure discount to products and services. To do this:

  1. Open your practices products section
    (Admin > Products)

  2. Click on the product or service

  3. Check the 'Pet Assure Discountable' box (pink)
    (Note: this will automatically check the "Automatically Discountable" box)

  4. Repeat for all applicable products/services

Tip: You can filter by product category (or categories) to make things a bit more consistent. To do that, click the filter icon by 'Category Name' and select the category.

Adding the Client's Pet Assure member ID

With the appropriate products and services marked for the Pet Assure discount, it's time to add in the clients' Pet Assure membership info. And the best part? There's no manual validation or phone calls!

When the Pet Assure member comes into your practice, you can add the discount by:

  1. Opening their client profile

  2. Clicking the 'Edit' button in their information section

  3. Add their Pet Assure member ID in the Member ID field

  4. Click 'Save'

Note: The Pet Assure membership (25%) discount nullifies existing client discounts

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