Taking Payments

Take a look at the mechanics and fields involved with taking payments for an invoice.

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Taking Payments for an Invoice

This section of Shepherd compiles all of a client's outstanding balances (even across multiple invoices) and allows the client to pay for all (or some) of them.

Taking a payment is broken down into these steps:

Note: if you're looking for a guide to the previous section of invoicing, check out the invoices overview guide.

Payment Methods

First up: choosing the payment method. The options are:

  • Cash

  • Check

  • Credit: applies an amount from the client's credit balance toward the payment

  • Specific credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, etc.): credit card information will need to be saved if there’s no card on file for the client

  • Use Terminal: Select this toggle to use the Shepherd Pay integration

    • When selecting "Use Terminal", you will be able to swipe a card, select manual entry, or select a saved card without first having to select a payment type.

Inputting a Payment Amount

Whatever the balance (or part of the balance) the client wants to pay off should be totaled up and input into this field.

Tip: this can be used to pay off part of an invoice

Selecting the Invoice(s)

If a client has multiple outstanding invoices and is not paying off all of them, you can select individual invoices via a checkbox on the right side of the invoice (pink). Or, you can apply the payment to all invoices by selecting the checkbox above the list of invoices (green).

Tip: If there are multiple invoices, you can apply different amounts of the payment to each one.

Invoice Notes

These are optional but can come in handy for things like:

  • Check numbers

  • Payment information (i.e. "Will have the rest of the money on xx/yy" or "Wanted to pay half in cash")

Checking out the Invoice

Once all of the payment information has been input, you're ready to check out the invoice. To do this:

  1. Select the green 'Check Out' button at the bottom; this opens a modal where you'll need to:

  2. Select whether you want to:

    • Print/email receipt

    • Print/email invoice

Giving Change in a Cash Transaction

There are two ways Shepherd can process change when a client pays in cash:

Adding Change to the Client's Credit Balance

If a client wishes for their change to be left on their account as a credit balance, click 'Pay to Credit Balance' (pink) just above the green 'Check Out' button.

This will:

  • Apply the change to the client's credit balance

  • Generate a modal where you can print/email invoices and receipts

Automatically Calculate the Correct Change Amount

Shepherd can also calculate the correct change for you—all while keeping track of the initial payment and change given in your financial reports.

To see how much change you'll need to give, press the check out button and it will be calculated for you (purple).

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