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Dark Mode for Shepherd
Dark Mode for Shepherd

Check out Shepherd in dark mode; it's just as easy on the eyes.

Updated over a week ago

Does Shepherd have a Dark Mode? Not exactly. However, there is a Chrome extension that works really well for turning Shepherd black.

Shepherd in Dark Mode

Note: this is designed for Google Chrome.


  1. Download the Dark Reader chrome extension

  2. Open Dark Reader by clicking the 'Extensions' icon in your browser (green box below). This is located on the right side of the URL bar.

  3. Open the extension by either: a) clicking its name inside the extension's menu or b) pinning the extension (pink square)

With the extension open, you can toggle (upper right corner) between light and dark modes.

Tip: you may need to refresh your browser window to see the changes.

After it's been turned on, here's what your dashboard will look like:

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