Set Up Automatic Appointment Reminders

Controlling client communication preferences is done in two places:

  • Clinic settings: enables sending reminder emails and texts on a practice level

  • The client's profile: enables receiving reminder emails and texts on an individual level

Turning on SMS Messaging and Email in Clinic Settings

To activate the ability for your practice to send texts and emails to clients you'll need to access practice's clinic settings. To access your clinic settings:

  1. Click 'Admin'

  2. Select 'Clinic Settings' from the dropdown. This will load the clinic settings screen.

  3. Click the 'Edit Clinic Settings' button on the right side of the screen.

Once the 'Edit Clinic Settings' screen has loaded, you can activate the toggles for 'Send Email' and 'Send SMS' on the right side of the screen under 'Advanced Settings.'

The toggles in the 'on' position

Note: if the SMS toggle hasn't been selected, you'll need to select a phone number that sends your texts.

Tip: be sure to choose one with the same area code as your practice so it's familiar to your clients.

Enabling Clients to Receive Texts and Emails

Once you've made sure that your clinic's settings allow you to send emails and texts to clients, you'll need to make sure each client can receive them.

Turning an Existing Client's Email and Text Notifications On or Off

To check whether or not a client is able to receive text or email notifications, you'll need to open their dashboard. To open a client's dashboard:

  1. Click 'Clients/Patients'

  2. Search for the client in the search bar on the left

  3. Click on their name. This will open their dashboard.

With their dashboard open, click 'Edit' at the top of the page.

Now that their information is open, you'll see the checkboxes for 'Email Notification On' and 'SMS Notification On.' If those boxes are checked, the client can receive text and email notifications. If they're not checked, the client has likely opted out and cannot receive text or email notifications.

With both checkboxes checked, the client can receive email and text notifications.

Turning On Email and Text Notifications When Creating a New Client

To create a new client:

  1. Click 'Clients/Patients'

  2. Click the 'Add New Client' button in the upper right corner of the screen. This will take you to the new client creation page.

The default state for receiving automatic texts and emails is set to 'on,' so you won't have to worry about remembering to activate it.

Be sure to let your clients know that they're set up to receive text and email reminders from your practice regarding upcoming appointments. If the client doesn't want to receive text and/or email reminders, un-check the appropriate box(es).

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