This guide covers Invoices; we'll cover the 3 topics listed below.

  1. Accessing Invoices

  2. Invoice Fields

  3. Invoice Summary

Click here for information on taking payments.

First, some important Shepherd Invoice behaviors for charges & refunds...

  • New charges added through a SOAP will be added to the most recent active invoice by default.

    • You can manually assign charges to any of the client’s existing active invoices or to a new invoice from the Charges tab of a SOAP by using the ‘Change Invoice’ dropdown.

  • When a return is processed, the original invoice will not show a negative balance due (only an alert that the item was returned). The negative balance for the item will be added to the most recent active invoice if one exists (so funds are used against the client's outstanding balance or a refund can be issued)

    • If there is no active invoice for the client, the returned item and negative balance will be added to a new invoice, allowing you to issue a refund to the client's payment method or apply it to their credit balance.

There are a few places you can access an invoice

  • SOAP: An invoice is generated automatically while you work through a SOAP. The last tab of the SOAP is your charges tab. From here, you'll view treatments and prescriptions that were administered in that SOAP as well as the invoice charges are being added to. Select View Invoice to access the invoice.

  • Client Profile: In the Client's profile, select the Financial tab. Click any invoice to access it.

  • Invoice section: Select Invoices from your Shepherd Menu. Search a client's name or the invoice number (if you have it) to generate matching results. Select the invoice you're looking for to access it.

The invoice itself is a snapshot of billable services. Invoices created automatically by administering treatments in a SOAP will be a snapshot of billable products and services from the SOAP.

Additional charges can be added directly to an invoice but will NOT be associated with the patient's medical record (like a quick invoice).

Invoice Status

Next to the invoice number is the Invoice Status. Use these 3 status options to organize and/or sort your invoices, helping determine priority.

  • Active

  • Charges Complete

  • Checked Out

If you want to print or email an invoice, you’re able to do that by using the icons on the right side of the invoice status box.

  • The printer icon opens the printable invoice in a new tab of your browser

  • The paper airplane icon allows you to send the invoice to the client with a custom subject and body text

View Invoice’s SOAP

Click View SOAP to be taken to the SOAP the charges on this invoice originated from. If you have multiple patients on one invoice, charges will be sectioned by patient; you'll have this button to view the SOAP for each patient.

Editing Invoice Line Items

When you click the three dots on the right side of the line item, you can:

  • Discount that line item

    • When you discount an item, you can either take a percentage or a dollar amount off the price. Discounts come out of the users production amounts.

    • These discounts are separate from automatic client discounts

  • (Re)assign a production user

    • Assigning a production user (assuming one wasn’t assigned in the first place) will add the product/service to the provider’s total production count. This can be viewed on the production report.

Invoice Notes

If there’s anything to be noted about the invoice, you can take notes here. These notes will be client-facing.

Outstanding Balance

The outstanding balance shows the total owed by the client with all invoices taken into account. If they're owed funds from a return or owe funds on another invoice, the total outstanding balance (+/-) will be reflected here, not just the balance on the invoice you're viewing.

Credit Balance

A credit balance is indicative of an amount owed to the client. When you process a return, you can refund the client's funds to their payment method OR apply it to their credit balance (allowing them to use it to pay for future invoices). You may also see a credit balance if a product or service is pre-paid for.

Internal Notes

Notes left here are logged in this section on the invoice and are not client-facing.

Activity Log

To ensure the invoice is as transparent as possible, any changes to the invoice will be noted in the activity log.

When you're viewing an invoice, the invoice summary will show you details for that invoice only (contrary to the outstanding and credit balance amounts described above)

  • Tax Exempt: Toggle this on for tax-exempt clients to remove tax amount from taxable products and services

  • Subtotal: Sum total of all invoice line items before discounts

  • Discount: Sum total of all discounts on all invoice line items

  • Tax: Sum total of tax on taxable line items based on client tax rate

  • Invoice Total: Equals the Subtotal - Discount + Tax (Total amount client is/was responsible for prior to any payments being made)

  • Paid: Sum of payments made toward the invoice

  • Refunded: Sum of refunds processed associated with the invoice

  • Balance Due: Amount still owed by client

Take Payments

This takes you to the payment screen, where you’re able to document transactions and take payments for your services.

Check out our guide for taking payments here.

Print or Email Multiple/Specific Invoices

If you need to print multiple or specific invoices for a client, you're able to do that in the Financial tab of the Client Profile.

Use the checkboxes to select all or specific invoices to email, download, or print the necessary invoices. This also applies to the Payment section of the Financial tab.

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