We don’t have to tell you how important invoices are to your practice. Thankfully, since invoices are generated as you care for a patient, Shepherd makes generating accurate invoices intuitive and streamlined.

Like our founder Dr. Barnes says, "If your record's accurate, so is your invoice."

This guide covers accessing invoices, as well as the different fields within an invoice. If you're looking for ways to take payments, check out our guide for that.

Accessing Invoices

The first step is accessing an invoice, which can be done a few ways. Here's where and how to get there:

  • A SOAP: Open SOAP —> Charges section —> select invoice —> view invoice

  • Client dashboard: Open a client dashboard —> Invoices section (under the 'Financial' tab) —> click on an invoice to open

  • Invoice section: 'Invoices' menu button —> search (client, invoice, etc.) —> click the invoice to open

Invoice Field Overview

With your invoice open, let’s take a look and explore some of the fields on the invoice.

Invoice Status

The invoice status is used as a way to organize your invoices—particularly in the ‘Invoices’ section of Shepherd.

When used in conjunction with the filtering/sorting functionality, you’re able to quickly determine which invoices are the highest priority to get closed.

If you want to print or email an invoice, you’re able to do that by using the icons on the right side of the invoice status box.

  • The printer icon prints the invoice

  • The paper airplane icon automatically sends the invoice to the client

Print or Email Multiple/Specific Invoices

If you need to print multiple invoices, or only specific invoices for a client, you're able to do that in the Financial tab of the Client Profile

Using the checkboxes to select all or specific invoices, you can email, download, or print the necessary invoices. This also applies to the Payment section of the Financial tab.

Note: You can use the same checkbox functionality on the Invoices Tab (Remaining Balance) to select all, or specific, invoices to print.

Client Balance

These balances show any amount the client owes, as well as any credits the client has in their account.

View Invoice’s SOAP

Similarly to how you can access an invoice through a SOAP, you can also see the SOAP that the invoice charges came from. To see the SOAP, click the ‘View SOAP’ button.

Note: this button will only surface on invoices with multiple patients.

Editing Invoice Line Items

When you click the three dots on the right side of the line item, you can:

  • Discount that line item (assuming it’s able to be discounted)

  • (Re)assign a production user

When you discount an item, you can either take a percentage or a dollar amount off the price. Discounts come out of the users production amounts. These are also separate from the discounts applied to different clients (i.e. ‘Staff Discount’ or ‘Friends and Family Discount’).

Assigning a production user (assuming one wasn’t assigned in the first place) will add the product/service to the provider’s total production count. This can be viewed on the production report.


If there’s anything to be noted about the invoice, you can take notes here.

Activity Log

To ensure the invoice is as transparent as possible, any changes to the invoice will be noted in the activity log.

Take Payments

This takes you to the payment screen, where you’re able to document transactions and take payments for your services.

We have a guide for this section of invoicing and payments if you want to check it out.

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