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At Chckup, we believe that enhancing practice efficiency is crucial for providing top-notch care to every pet. Our solution equips your practice with essential tools to save time and boost efficiency through our fully integrated and customizable scheduling and analytics platform. Chckup also enables your practice to send reminders, engage in two-way texting, collect reviews, and offers your clients a dedicated pet portal for managing their appointments. Utilizing these automations, our platform not only increases revenue and compliance but also enhances client satisfaction. Additionally, by leveraging our proprietary analytics, you can make informed decisions to grow your practice intelligently – no MBA required.

Integration Overview

  1. Scheduling

    1. Chckup provides round-the-clock scheduling for your clients, tailored to your specific availability. If you're concerned about the intricacies of your schedule, rest assured – we pride ourselves on supporting even the most complex scheduling demands.

  2. Analytics

    1. Your practice has tons of data – we help you make something of it. Our analytics platform provides unique insights into what actionable steps can be taken to improve metrics within your practice, while removing all of the complexity from the process.

  3. Client Satisfaction

    1. We provide several features to keep your clients happy and engaged with your practice. Reviews allow you to keep track of the satisfaction of your clients, the pet portal lets your clients manage their own appointments, saving your CSRs time on the phone, and our communications allow you to keep in touch with your clients all in one place.

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Activating the Chckup Integration

Step 1 - Book a Chckup Demo

  • Before activating the integration, please book an initial demo here where the Chckup team will walk you through the platform and next steps:

Step 2: Enable Chckup integration within Shepherd

  • After the demo, enable the Integration on Shepherd

  • In the Shepherd 'Admin' menu, click 'Integrations,' and select Chckup. Once the Chckup integration page is opened, toggle on the integration (see image below)

Step 3: Send “Clinic ID” to Chckup

  • Once you enable the toggle in Shepherd, locate and send your clinic ID to

  • Your clinic ID is in the 'Admin' menu under 'Clinic Settings'


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