Snout Integration

Integrated wellness plans that pay invoices up-front.

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Wellness plans that actually work.

Every day, pet owners say “no” to doctor's recommendations due to the cost of care. Snout’s mission is to ensure this never happens again. We work with practices to offer wellness plans, which enable pet owners to afford the recommended treatment plan. Unlike traditional wellness plans, Snout pays the practice’s invoice up-front – so you don’t have to worry about monthly collections.

What are wellness plans? Everything a pet needs for the year (from vaccines to prevention meds), made available via monthly payments. Spreading out the cost enables pet owners to comply with doctor’s recommendations.

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Activating the Snout Integration

Step 1: Enable Snout integration within Shepherd

  • In the Shepherd 'Admin' menu, click 'Integrations,' and select Snout. Once the Snout integration page is opened, toggle on the integration. (see image below)

Step 2: Add a "Snout" custom payment type

  • Navigate to the 'Admin' menu > 'Clinic Settings' > 'Settings' tab > 'Payment Types' tab and select the 'Add New' button

  • Enter 'Snout' as the 'Payment Type Name' and click Save

Step 3: Send “Clinic ID” to Snout

  • Once you enable the toggle in Shepherd, locate and send your clinic ID to

  • Your clinic ID is in the 'Admin' menu under 'Clinic Settings'


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