Inventory Ally Integration

An integration designed to help veterinary professionals reduce inventory costs and streamline processes.

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Inventory Ally leverages your practice's order history to seamlessly assign a weekly cycle count schedule and dynamically establish reorder points, giving priority to items based on their value and sales volume. Our intelligent system not only recommends but precisely outlines what to order and in what quantities, ultimately saving you valuable time and resources. By streamlining the inventory management process, we empower you to focus on what matters most – providing optimal care for your patients.

Inventory Ally is an inventory management program designed to optimize your inventory costs, cut down on shortages, and decrease the amount of time spent managing inventory. With an affordable monthly subscription and an easy-to-navigate interface, Inventory Ally brings the power of dynamic, intelligent ordering straight to your computer or mobile device. Whether you’re a practice owner or an inventory manager, adding Inventory Ally to your team is hands down the best decision you’ll make all year.

Activating the Inventory Ally Integration

By activating the Inventory Ally and Shepherd Veterinary Software integration, you will:

  1. Combine order history and sales data for the most accurate data-driven solution.

  2. Enhance your hospital's ability to monitor even the slightest changes to product usage and consumption patterns to ensure minimal stock-outs.

  3. Enable critical insights to Inventory Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), Formulary Redundancy, Shrink/Loss reporting and Margin Analytics.

Want to Learn More About Inventory Ally?

Sign up with Inventory Ally today and experience efficient, cost-effective inventory management tailored to your practice's unique needs. Take advantage of our 2-week free trial by visiting

Steps to Activate the Inventory Ally Integration

Step 1: Enable the integration in the Shepherd application

  • Click on Admin then on Integrations.

  • To activate the integration, select Inventory Ally then click on the toggle to enable (see the image below)

Step 2: Locate your Clinic ID

  • Click on Admin then on Clinic Settings.

  • Locate your Clinic ID then highlight and copy. This key is specific to your practice and will be required to be shared with Inventory Ally to enable the integration.

Step 3: Share Your Clinic ID

New and Existing Inventory Ally Users

Please share your Shepherd Clinic ID with the Inventory Ally team:


Inventory Ally Support:

Live chat with customer support within the Inventory Ally platform

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