VetSnap Integration

Reduce manual entry time and errors by populating key patient and client information automatically within your VetSnap DEA drug log.

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VetSnap is a digital controlled drug logging software with integrations into your practice management software to make reconciliation seamless. VetSnap complies with Federal DEA Regulations and meets the minimum record-keeping requirements in all 50 states. They also offer a PMP Assistant (PMP = Prescription Monitoring Program) to help with the time-consuming State reporting process.

How Does it Work?

  • VetSnap integration with Shepherd does auto-reconciliation with your records so that your log can be made quickly and efficiently, which will auto-populate many of the necessary fields that the DEA requires.

Signing up for VetSnap

  1. If you are interested in exploring more about VetSnap, please schedule a demo here.

  2. Once you meet with a team member to learn more about VetSnap, you will be guided through the process of training, and learning the right way to navigate VetSnap, and improve your compliance.

Activating the VetSnap Integration

Step 1 - Configure Integration in Shepherd

  1. Go into the Shepherd admin menu, click on Integrations, and then open VetSnap. Once the VetSnap integration page is opened, toggle on the integration. (see image below)

Step 2 - Send Clinic ID to VetSnap

  1. Locate Once you enable the toggle in Shepherd, locate and send your clinic ID to

  2. Your clinic ID is in the 'Admin' menu under 'Clinic Settings'.

  • When VetSnap receives your Clinic ID, they will finalize the integration.


You can email the VetSnap support team at any time at or, within your VetSnap account, you can click on the support tab, and request a 1:1 meeting.

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