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Integrate your phone system, website, social media, and service reminders with VetPawer's AI-powered AVA.

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What is AVA?

AVA uses AI to connect your phone system, website, social media, and service reminders to your Shepherd practice management system in real-time. This enables your clients to book appointments directly into the schedule, request Rx refills, and access information about the practice across all digital touchpoints, including the phone, 24x7. AVA is like a receptionist who is always available to serve your client’s needs. From an implementation standpoint, AVA requires no I.T., easily integrates with Shepherd, requires no staff process change and integrates with your existing phone system.

AVA feeds its evolutionary context directly from Shepherd where all necessary data reside to implement decisions. This bi-directional and real-time access provides AVA with unique capabilities such as real-time appointment scheduling, refill requests, confirmations, rescheduling, cancellation, addition of new clients/patients, integrate with existing payment provider, details about the practice like location, hours, pricing, and all sorts of operations previously limited to human front desk assistants. Optionally, AVA can answer basic pet health-related questions while guiding the client to book appointments.

AVA 3.0 uses contextual AI, also known as contextual artificial intelligence, is an advanced form of AI that incorporates context and situational awareness into its decision-making process. It goes beyond a rule-based or static AI system and uses data analysis, natural language processing, machine learning, and other techniques to understand the context of a given situation and provide more relevant and accurate responses.


  • AVA Voice: Connects the clinic’s phone system to their PIMS. Clients Opt-in to speaking with AVA, to book appointments, request refills and ask questions about your practice.

  • AVA Chat: Connects all Client digital touch points to the clinic’s PIMS. Clients chat with AVA via text, website, or social media.

  • AVA Reporting: AVA has a comprehensive Dashboard to view all client interactions. Including trending charts, where appointments are originated and a transcript and audio (AVA Voice) of each client interactions.

Activating the VetPawer Integration

Step 1 - Book a demonstration:

  • Please use the following link to schedule a demonstration with a member of the VetPawer team to learn more about the integration and discuss the next steps:

Step 2 - Configure Integration in Shepherd

  • During your configuration meeting with VetPawer, you will be directed to go into the Shepherd 'Admin' menu, click 'Integrations,' and select VetPawer. Once the VetPawer integration page is opened, toggle on the integration. (see image below)

Step 3 - Send credentials to VetPawer

  • Once you enable the toggle in Shepherd, locate and send your clinic ID to your dedicated contact at VetPawer.

  • Your clinic ID is in the 'Admin' menu under 'Clinic Settings'.


VetPawer Support:


Shepherd Technical Support:

Live chat with customer care directly on the Shepherd application


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