AllyDVM Integration

Fully integrated with AllyDVM, a cloud-based client engagement platform.

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AllyDVM is a cloud-based communications and retention software that veterinary practices use to sync with their practice management software system data to provide seamless communication strategies with pet owners by using customizable email, text, and postcard solutions that save time and increase practice efficiency. The combination of mobile applications, client communications, and business-solutions software has helped solve the most important challenges faced by veterinary practices today. AllyDVM and their solutions have helped customers realize increased revenue, efficiency, customer retention, and online reputation โ€” no matter the size of their practice. AllyDVM is the chosen communication platform for the majority of large-scale corporate groups as well as the preferred engagement platform provider for GPOS and General Practitioners.

Access the AllyDVM User Guide HERE.

Activating the AllyDVM Integration

Step 1 - Order AllyDVM

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  • Select Shepherd from the drop-down menu for AllyDVM PIMS selection:

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  • Once the order form is submitted, you will be prompted to enable the Shepherd and AllyDVM Integration (see image below) and receive an Order Confirmation email from AllyDVM.

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Step 2 - Configure Integration in Shepherd

  • Once your order is confirmed via email, go into the Shepherd 'Admin' menu, click 'Integrations,' and select AllyDVM. Once the AllyDVM integration page is opened, toggle on the integration. (see image below)

Step 3 - Send credentials to AllyDVM

  • Once you enable the toggle in Shepherd, locate and send your clinic ID to

  • Your clinic ID is in the 'Admin' menu under 'Clinic Settings'.

  • When AllyDVM receives your Clinic ID, they will finalize the integration.


AllyDVM Technical Support: (M-F 8AM-6PM EST)


Shepherd Technical Support:

Live chat with customer care directly on the Shepherd application


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