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Sunbit: Using the integration
Sunbit: Using the integration

Once activated, you can begin offering Sunbit's flexible payment options to your clients right away!

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Using Sunbit in Shepherd is Easy

Client Pre-Qualification

Clients don't need to complete pre-qualification before their appointment, but it will reduce their steps to set up their payment plan after checkout.

A pre-qualification link is included in the following locations allowing clients to get pre-qualified with Sunbit prior to their appointment.

  • Appointment Notification Emails

  • Service Reminder Emails

  • Estimates

Note: Pre-qualification links do not expire, once they are sent, clients can access them at their convenience.

Taking payment using Sunbit

  1. On the Payments screen, select Sunbit as the Payment Type

  2. Enter the amount the client wishes to finance with Sunbit and the invoices the payment will be applied to

  3. Upon selecting Check Out, you'll be presented with a confirmation message

  4. Selecting Send Payment Link will send the client an SMS with their pre-qualification or invoice payment link (if they've already been pre-qualified)

Note: Payment links expire after 7 days. Once it expires, you may generate and send a new link to collect payment.

Check out - Text to Pay

  1. By following the SMS (text to pay) link, the client will complete the process by selecting their preferred payment plan on Sunbit's portal using their mobile device.

  2. Your clinic will receive a deposit for the full payment in your bank account within 2-5 business days

For questions or help using Sunbit, contact your dedicated Sunbit representative or call 855-678-6248.

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