Greenline Integration

Automate coupon and rebate submissions to prevent lost reimbursement.

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Greenline digitally processes manufacturer coupons and rebates and support loyalty and wellness programs. The integration helps automate this process and prevent lost reimbursement.

To get started or for set up and other technical questions, the Greenline Support team can be reached Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm CST by calling our support line at 866-608-9038, emailing, or live chat via

Within Shepherd, all you need to do is toggle on the integration, and then Greenline will work closely with you to ensure all of your Shepherd products are set up to track coupons and rebates properly.

You will need to know the current version of Shepherd when working with Greenline to adopt the integration. To find the current version of your Shepherd software, click your name in the bottom left corner, below the navigation menu, and select My Profile. The current version is located in the top right corner below the History and Global Search icons.

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