Pet Insurance Quotes & Claim Submission

Send your clients pet insurance quotes and submit claims on their behalf

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Shepherd's pet insurance feature allows users to send custom pet insurance quotes to clients and submit claims on their behalf directly to the insurance carrier. When enabled, reminder emails that are sent to clients will also include a link to get a quote for pet insurance.

Activating the Feature:

  1. Navigate to clinic settings under the Admin section and select Edit Clinic Settings

  2. Select the Advanced Settings tab

  3. Under App Settings, toggle on Enable Insurance Quotes & Claim Submissions

Sending a Pet Insurance Quote to a Client

  1. In the client's record, under the Actions section, select the button Send Insurance Quote

  2. The client's email address on file will pre-fill; if the client wishes to have the quote email sent elsewhere, you can edit it in the popup (no changes will be made to the client record)

  3. Select the patient you wish to send a quote for in the Patient drop-down

  4. Once a patient is selected, the Subject and Body fields will fill with the Send Insurance Quote standard template. Make changes to the template as you see fit.

  5. Click Send to send the email to the client

Note: You can send a pet insurance quote to any client when one or more of their pets does not have a pet insurance policy listed in their record. Any canine or feline patient is eligible to be sent a pet insurance quote.

Client Experience

  • The email is sent from your clinic's email address

  • The Pet Insurance Shopper link brings the client to a website where they can learn about pet insurance and have questions answered such as:

    • How does pet insurance work?

    • What does pet insurance cover?

  • The following link will bring the client to an online Pet Insurance Comparison form with all of their details pre-filled.

  • By clicking Get Quotes they'll get custom quotes for their pet from various pet insurance carriers

Add a Pet Insurance Policy to a Patient's Record

  1. Access the patient's record and select Edit

  2. Under Pet Insurer, select the carrier of the policy

  3. Enter the client's policy number for that patient

Note: Pet insurance carriers may provide policyholders with one policy number (per account) or a different policy number for each pet they hold a policy for (if they have multiple pets insured). If there is one policy number for multiple pets, enter the same number in each patient record.

Submitting a Pet Insurance Claim

Once you've logged a patient's pet insurance policy in their record, you'll be able to begin submitting claims to the carrier on the client's behalf. You'll have the option to submit the claim whether you've created a quick invoice or the invoice was generated by a SOAP.

Pet Insurance Carriers that Accept Claims Through Shepherd:

  • MetLife Pet

  • Embrace

  • Prudent Pet

  • Figo

  • Pet Partners

  • Fetch

  • AKC

  • Nationwide Pet

  • Hartville


  • Spot

  • Pets Best

  • Healthy Paws

  • Pumpkin

Note: Trupanion claims cannot be submitted through Shepherd

Submit a Claim in the Checkout Process

  1. Proceed with checking the client out as normal

  2. Once payment has been made successfully, in the Payment Successful popup, select Submit Insurance Claim

  3. Once complete, you'll see where the button used to be, a message that says "Successfully submitted insurance claim"

  4. You can still take any other action in the popup (Print or email receipt or invoice)

Submit a Claim that has Already Been Checked Out

  1. Navigate to the financial tab in the client's record

  2. Locate the invoice you wish to submit to the pet insurance carrier in the list of invoices

  3. Eligible invoices will have a Submit Claim button in the Insurance Status column

  4. Click Submit Claim

  5. Once completed, the Insurance Status will update to "Submitted" for that invoice

Note: Payment on an invoice must be made in full in order to submit a claim.

Viewing the Insurance Claim Status

  1. In the client's record on the financial tab, locate the invoice you're looking to view the insurance status of

  2. In the Insurance Status column, you'll see "Submitted" with an information tooltip for any claim you've sent on the client's behalf to the carrier

  3. The information tooltip will show the carrier name and the policy number for which you submitted the claim

  4. reference the activity log for each action in the process documented with detailed dropdowns for the email communications that went to the client (confirmation email addressed below in the client experience)

Client Experience

  • When you submit a claim on behalf of a client, the client will receive a confirmation email notifying them to be on the lookout for communications directly from the carrier

  • The email will include a confirmation number and the invoice number which was submitted to the insurance carrier for their records

  • This makes life easier for you and your clients!

Client Reminder Emails

When this feature is enabled, your reminder emails will include a link for clients to get an insurance quote.

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