Portal: Announcements

Through the pet portal, you can publish important announcements for your clients.

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You can create announcements, both for the public and for clients only, that will display on the pet portal for quick notices that you want to provide to clients. This is helpful for things like closures on upcoming holidays, monthly promotions, etc.

Creating an Announcement

The ability to create an announcement is determined by a user role setting so only those users with the permission enabled will have access to publish.

To create an announcement, you will navigate to the 'Announcements' tab, which can be found by clicking the 'Edit Pet Portal' button while on the pet portal tab under Clinic Settings. You will then see a button to 'Create Announcement'.

Once you select 'Create Announcement', you will be able to create a post with a featured image, a title, an announcement type, and body text.

The announcement type determines if the content is displayed 'publicly' to anyone who visits the portal or to 'clients only' so the client must be logged in to see the content.

Once your content has been added, you will select 'Save'. This will take you back to the list of announcements, where you will then select 'Post Content' to publish to the portal.

After the announcement has been published, it will be displayed on the main landing page for the pet portal, or the homepage once a client is logged in depending on the announcement type.

Clients will be able to click on the announcement preview to see the full post.

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