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Portal: Rx Refill Requests
Portal: Rx Refill Requests

If a prescription has approved refills, clients can easily request a refill through the pet portal.

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Within the pet portal, clients will be able to submit Rx refill requests if their pets have a medication with approved refills.

Client: Submitting a Request

  1. Once the client has logged in to the portal, they will navigate to the section for 'My Pets'.

  2. From there, they will select the pet for whom they wish to request a refill.

  3. Once the appropriate pet is selected, the client will select the button for 'Request Prescription Refill'.

  4. This will then display a list of prescriptions that have available refills.

  5. On the appropriate prescription, they will then select 'Request Refill'.

  6. The request will now be listed under 'Pending Requests' and the client will receive an email confirmation that the request has been received.

Practice: Approving a Request

Once a request has been submitted by the client, the request will be listed on the main dashboard in Shepherd under 'Rx Refill Requests'. From here, you will be able to approve or deny the refill.

Once the refill has been approved and completed, you will see a pop-up allowing you to notify the client via email or text (SMS) that the refill is ready for pick up.

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