To enable your pet portal and get a link to share with clients, you will navigate to your main clinic settings under admin. From there, you will see a tab for the 'Pet Portal' settings.

Activating & Selecting a URL

After you enable the portal, you will be able to customize the URL for your practice's pet portal. We suggest using your clinic name or something similar so it is recognizable to your clients. For example, if your practice was called Shepherd Veterinary Hospital your URL would be

Note: a URL can only be used once so if you have a name similar to another practice you may need to add a reference to your location at the end of the URL. For example, you could have something like if the original name was already taken.

After your portal is activated and a URL is selected, you are now ready to add the link to your practice website, social media, printed materials, etc. - anywhere you want to provide access to clients!

You can also customize your home screen by selecting one of the images within the portal settings, as well as select a theme to better match your practice's branding.

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