IDEXX: Results

Learn how to view results and map orphaned results to a SOAP.

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Dashboard: Diagnostics

Once you have administered an IDEXX service, you will see a 'Diagnostics' tab on the main dashboard. From here, you can see all of the ordered and completed services.

From the actions section on the right-hand side, you can select to view the SOAP, view the result, download the result, or print the result.

Syncing Results

While result wait times will vary depending on which service you ordered, Shepherd syncs with our integrated labs every 15 minutes. If a patient's results are in, those will automatically be updated in their SOAP during the next sync.

However, if you know the results are in and they are needed sooner, you can also sync manually from the diagnostics tab on the dashboard or directly in the patient's SOAP.

Viewing Results

You can view results from the main diagnostics dashboard, directly from the patients' SOAP under the Assessment tab, from the Lab tab in the patient profile, or in the patient profile in Lifecycle.

Mapping Orphaned Results

  1. Confirm that the SOAP where you would like to map the results is active

  2. Find the orphaned result in the main diagnostics dashboard

  3. Select the actions icon

  4. Select Map to SOAP

  5. Select the appropriate client and patient

  6. Select the appropriate SOAP

  7. Select save

Test Status

The following statuses are used throughout the ordering and processing of a service:

  • Created: the service has been started

  • Preparing: the service has been added to a Tx plan, but not sent to the device

  • Pending: the service has been added to a Tx plan and received by the device and is waiting to be fully processed

  • Completed: the service has been fully processed and results are available

  • Orphaned: the service was ordered directly on a device before being added to Shepherd and the results are ready to be mapped (linked to) an open SOAP

  • Orphaned (mapped): the orphaned result has been successfully mapped to an open SOAP

  • Canceled: the service was canceled on the device

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