Release Notes | 4.27.22

Internal communication and text messaging updates!

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New Features

Internal Communication | Tag a User

You can now tag users directly within Shepherd to send them a notification on their profile.

Mass Communication | Texting (SMS)

Email is coming soon!

With our mass communication feature, you are now able to send a mass text message to all or a segment of your clients.

Feature Updates

Messaging Updates

Schedule Messages in Advance

Within the message center, you can now schedule text messages to be sent at a later date and time.

SMS Templates

You can now create message templates to quickly create and send common text messages.

Client Profile Updates

You will now see an "actions" section on the right-hand side of the client profile. This provides quicker access for adding a client note and task. In this section, you can now also print a client mailing label.

Patient Profile Update

For quicker access when creating a task for a patient, you will now see an "add task" button on the patient profile "actions" section.

Invoicing and Payment Update

When viewing the invoice summary, you will now see a separation of the initial invoice total vs the remaining total after payments or refunds.

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