Boarding Calendar: Setup

To set up your boarding calendar (if it hasn't been already), go to Admin > Scheduling and navigate to the 'Boarding Resources' tab.

Note: If you've already set up your calendar, head to the next section.

Once that's open, click the 'Add New' button. This will take you to a new boarding calendar resource section, where you can create one location where you're able to board a patient.

Repeat this for all places you're able to board a patient.

Adding a new location in boarding calendar resources

Activating the Boarding Calendar

Once you've added your resources, head to your clinic settings (Admin > Clinic Settings > Edit Clinic Settings), and set the Boarding toggle to 'On.'

Boarding Calendar: Tips & Best Practices

  • Make a 'Boarding' location under clinic settings to add to any patient with a SOAP in boarding

  • Because you can only schedule two patients in one slot per day, make a boarding resource for each location you can board patient, like

    • Kennels (of each size)

    • Runs

    • Cages, etc.

  • For added transparency, you may want to create an appointment type for pickup/drop off to use on your practice schedule

Scheduling Boarding Appointments

To get a patient/guest scheduled in the boarding calendar:

  1. Open the calendar (Schedule > Boarding)

  2. Find an open slot in a boarding location that will work for the guest

  3. Click the appointment slot

  4. Fill out client/patient information

  5. Add a check-in date/time and a check-out date/time

  6. Click 'Book Appointment' to confirm

Creating a new boarding appointment. Once booked, this will appear in the boarding calendar.

Note: Boarding Reservations will also populate on the Client Profile under Upcoming Appointments, as well as the Patient Profile.

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