While similar, production tracking and commission are a little different:

  • Production tracking: tracks what products and services a user administers

  • Commission: the percentage of revenue a user receives from the products and services they administer

In this article, we'll cover:

Why Should I Track Production?

Tracking production a tangible way to measure how much revenue each production user is generating for your practice. Even if you don't give commission to those production users, it's a powerful tool for insight into different users' strengths and weaknesses.

How Does Commission Work?

If you have commission amounts for production, the commission will go to one of two users:

  • The supervising doctor in the SOAP

  • Another user with production tracking working in a SOAP who is not the supervising doctor

Here's how it works:

Assuming a treatment is administered by a non-production user or the SOAP's supervising doctor, commission will go to the supervising doctor.

However, if another production user administers the treatment in the SOAP, they will receive commission for the administered treatment—even if they're not the supervising doctor.

Regardless of who receives commission, it will not appear on a client invoice.

Note: A supervising doctor is selected in a SOAP. Remember, if another production user administers a Tx, they're the one who will get the commission.

Updating Production User in an Invoice

If a user should not receive commission for an administered treatment, the correct production user can be selected in the invoice. To do this:

  1. Open the invoice

  2. Select the three dots on the right side of the appropriate line item

  3. Select the correct production user

Setting up Production Tracking

Like we mentioned earlier, setting up production tracking is a great way to measure how much revenue different employees are generating for a practice—even if they're not paid commission.

To set up production tracking:

  1. Open the user's profile:

    (Admin > Users > Select User)

  2. Select the 'Track Production' checkbox

  3. This will populate fields for product categories and the commission percentage the user will receive

If you don't want your users to receive commission on the treatments they administer, leave all percentage fields blank.

Adding Commission

There are two places to add commission amounts for production users:

  • The user profile

  • A product category page

From the User Profile

Follow the steps for setting up production tracking, however, instead of leaving each product category's commission percentage field blank, add in the appropriate amounts for each category.

These values will be unique to that user.

From a Product Category

You can also adjust commission amounts for each production user by product category. To do this:

  1. Open the product category page
    (Admin > Products > Product category > Select Product Category)

  2. Under 'Production Tracking,' update the commission amounts for each production user

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