Discounting Products and Services

There are 3 ways to give a discount:

Client Discounts

Discounts assigned to clients will automatically be applied to all discountable items in their invoices. First, the discount needs to be created in Admin. Then you'll be able to apply them to a client's profile.

Creating a client discount

Client discounts are created in your clinic's admin settings through: Admin > Clinic Settings > Client Discounts.

If your clinic doesn't have any client discounts, add one by clicking the 'Add New' button. The two fields you'll need for a discount are:

  • A name (e.g. first responder, senior, teacher)

  • An amount

The new client discount section

Adding a discount to a client's profile

To add a client discount to a client's profile, open the client dashboard (Clients/Patients > Search > Select client) and click the 'Edit' button in the top right corner of the client information section.

From here, you'll be able to add the client discount to the client's profile by selecting it from the 'Client Discount' dropdown near the bottom of the screen.

Tip: In order for a client discount to reflect on an invoice, it must be added to their profile prior to administering products/services during an appointment.

Invoice Line Item Discounts

Discounting invoice line items is performed on an individual line item basis within individual invoices.

Note: to add a discount to a line item, the product or service must be marked as 'Is Discountable' in Admin > Products.

To add a line item discount:

  1. Open the invoice with the item you want to discount

  2. Locate the item

  3. Click the three dots on the right side of the line item (orange)


  1. Select the discount type (% or $)

  2. Input the amount

  3. Add a note

  4. Include a production user (optional)*

Adding a line item discount

To finish, click the green 'Save' button.

*Note: invoice line item discounts take away from the production received by any assigned production user.

Amount-specific discounts

If you want to discount an invoice by a specific dollar amount off the top of the invoice, you'll need to:

  1. Make a 'Discount' item in products/services

  2. Apply that to the invoice

Creating a discount item

To make a discount in products and services, go to Admin > Products > Add New.

Then, give the discount item a:

  • Type

  • Category

  • Name

  • Selling price of $0.00

This product will also need to be marked as:

  • Included on invoice

  • Discountable

Tip: you can also make multiple discount items for different kinds of discounts (i.e. "Coupon," "Employee discount,' etc.).

Adding the discount to an invoice

To add the discount item to an invoice (and discount the invoice by a specific amount):

  1. Open the invoice

  2. Add your discount item in the "Add Invoice Items" section

  3. Click the green checkbox to confirm

Once the discount item has been added to the invoice:

  1. Click the three dots on the right side of the discount item

  2. Add in:

    • The ($)

    • The amount

    • A note

    • A production user (optional)

To add the discount, click the green 'Save' button, and it will automatically be added to the invoice.

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