Labs: Creating Test Bundles

Here's our recommended flow for adding multiple tests to one bundle so you can order tests more efficiently.

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While there are certainly tests you will only order individually, many tests will be ordered in groups. By leveraging Shepherd's bundles, you'll be able to order multiple tests at once, ensuring consistent care for your patients—and accurate invoices for clients.

Note: Integrated Labs will need to be mapped prior to creating Lab Bundles. See our Integrations articles to find out how to setup your Lab Integration and Map Tests.

Creating a Static Price Lab Bundle

  1. Navigate to 'Products' under 'Admin' in Shepherd.

  2. Select the 'Bundles' tab

  3. Select 'Add New'

  4. Toggle on 'Static Price Bundle'

    1. Name your lab bundle

    2. Set a Price for your lab bundle

    3. Select a Product Category; all revenue from these line items will be tracked by that single Product Category

  5. Add your Lab items to your bundle by clicking on the 'Add Product' drop down and searching for your tests.

  6. Once all your tests have been added click 'Save'

Now you can use this bundle when creating Estimates or ordering treatments in the Plan portion of the SOAP.

Creating static price Lab Bundles allows you to offer services to clients at a set price, while still being able to order individual tests and regular cost.

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