While there are certainly tests you will only order individually, many tests will be ordered in groups. By leveraging Shepherd's bundles, you'll be able to order multiple tests at once, ensuring consistent care for your patients—and accurate invoices for clients.

If you want each bundle to have a flat price and to have the labs able to be order with/synced in Shepherd, it will need to contain:

  • All applicable labs

    • with a price of $0.00

    • marked as not included on invoice

  • A lab bundle-specific product

    • with a set price

    • marked as included on invoice

This process is broken down into three steps:

    1. pricing

    2. invoice

  1. Making the lab product bundle

Updating Labs for a Bundle

To make sure a lab is ready for a bundle. you'll need to:

Updating the Lab: Price

To adjust a lab's selling price:

  1. Open the lab's Products section in Admin
    (Admin > Products > Lab (ex. IDEXX) tab)

  2. Select the product you want to update

  3. Select the "Override List Price" checkbox (pink)

This will automatically change the price to $0.00.

Updating the Lab: Invoice Status

To keep the client's invoice a bit more concise, we also recommend making sure these labs aren't included on a client's invoice.

To do that

  1. Open the lab in Admin > Products

  2. Unchecking the 'Included on Invoice' box (teal) at the bottom of the page

Repeat both steps for each lab you want to add to the bundle

Creating a product for the lab bundle

Because you can't create a price for a bundle (yet!), you'll need to make a product specifically for the group of tests you want to make a bundle for. These products will be what clients see on the invoice.

For these items, we'd recommend these:

  • Have a name: something descriptive that will make sense to clients (ex. Chem Extensive/UA in house)

  • Have a price: since this will be overriding the combined costs of the labs in the bundle

  • Be included on the invoice: since the individual labs will not be included

To make a new item: Admin > Products > Add New

Remember: turn the 'Included in Inventory' toggle to on.

Making the Lab Product Bundle

After you've updated the labs and made your bundle item, you're set to make a bundle.

To make a bundle, go to Admin > Bundles > Add New.

Note: the bundle below contains:

  • The bundle-specific item (blue)

  • All modified labs (orange)

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