Creating Purchase Orders

Purchase orders let you track your pending orders from within Shepherd.

Our inventory expert Nicole recommends creating purchase orders the same day you’re placing the orders. That way, you won’t need to recreate it when you receive the order—plus, if your order comes in incorrectly, you’ll have a source of truth to show vendors.

There are two places you can create a purchase order:

  • Inventory > Dashboard > Add New Purchase Order

  • Inventory > Purchase Orders > Add New

No matter the route you take, both routes will bring you to this screen:

A new, blank purchase order

There are two types of purchase orders you can create (we go into how these work in more detail below):

  • Vendor-specific: adding a vendor automatically populates all products past their reorder point associated with the vendor

  • Blank: toggling "Blank purchase order" to "on" gives you the ability to add any product to a purchase order

    • These are useful for smaller orders

And if you need them, there are additional fields for:

  • Notes

  • Taxes

  • Additional costs

Once the purchase order is created, you’ll be taken to the purchase order’s details page.

A blank purchase order's detail page

Tip: We recommend keeping packing slips, receipts, and/or vendor order confirmations together with your purchase orders.

Vendor-Specific Purchase Orders

If you want to place an order for all products below their reorder point for a specific vendor, select a vendor from the dropdown in the new purchase order modal.

You can also add new additional products to the order by clicking the "Add New Product" button (pink).

A vendor-specific purchase order (with "Add New Product" highlighted in pink)

Blank Purchase Orders

If you're only looking to add a few things to a purchase order, you may want to stick with a blank one. To create a blank purchase order, make sure the Blank Purchase Order toggle is switched to the "On" position when you create your purchase order.

When you create a blank purchase order, you'll have to manually select all products you want to order from the vendor. To do that:

  • Click the "Add New Product" button

  • Select the product from the dropdown

    • Shepherd will automatically add in the order quantity, which can also be adjusted

From here, click ‘Add Product’ to add products to the purchase order.

Repeat this for all products you need to add to the order.

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