Creating Purchase Orders

Purchase orders act as a way to track pending orders within Shepherd. These should be created for each order.

There are two places you can create a purchase order:

  • Inventory > Dashboard > Add New Purchase Order

  • Inventory > Purchase Orders > Add New

Both routes will take you here:

A new, blank purchase order

To create a new purchase order, you’ll need to add:

  • Vendor

  • Date

If you need them, there are additional fields for:

  • Notes

  • Taxes

  • Additional costs

Once the purchase order is created, you’ll be taken to the purchase order’s details page.

From here, click ‘Add Product’ to add products to the purchase order.

Repeat this for all products you need to add to the order.

Tip: Our inventory expert Nicole recommends creating purchase orders the same day you’re placing the orders. That way, you won’t need to recreate it when you receive the order—plus, if your order comes in incorrectly, you’ll have a source of truth to show vendors.

Editing Purchase Orders

If you need to edit a purchase order that's already been made, navigate to purchase orders (Inventory > Purchase Orders).

This screen will have a list of all purchase orders for your practice.

If you need to modify a purchase order in any way, select one of the icons under 'Actions' (pink, above). These will allow you to:

  • View

  • Edit

  • Change status to:

    • Partially received

    • Pending

    • Ordered

    • Ready to order

    • Closed

  • Delete

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