What is a Goodwill Refund?

Goodwill refunds create a negative line item in your records and don't impact the client's credit balance. Essentially, it's a way to note that you gave someone money.

Creating a Goodwill Refund

To issue a goodwill refund to a client:

  1. Open the client's dashboard
    (Clients/Patients β€”> Search for client β€”> Select client)

  2. Scroll to the 'Payments' section (make sure the 'Financial' tab is selected)

  3. Find the payment you want to refund

  4. Click the three dots on the right side of the payment

  5. Select 'Create Refund'

This will open a modal. From here, you'll need to:

  1. Input the amount you want to refund the client

  2. Give a reason for the refund

  3. Confirm the refund by clicking the 'Create Refund' button

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