Note: You'll need the appropriate permissions in order to transfer patients. If you don't see the buttons/sections outlined here, it's likely due to permissions. If you believe you should have this permission, speak with your clinic administrator / manager.

If you ended up with multiple profiles for the same patient, you're definitely not alone. Thankfully, it's a quick fix.

  1. Open 'Clients/Patients'

  2. Search for one of the patients you want to combine

  3. Open their dashboard

  4. Select the 'Edit' button in the upper righthand corner of the patient information section

  5. Select the 'Merge Patient' button in the upper righthand corner of the screen

    1. Note: You can only merge patients within the same client. If the duplicate patient is under a different client, you will need to first 'Change Client' so both patients have the same client.

  6. Choose the patient you want to merge into

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