Adding Automated Discharge Instructions

Shepherd automates your custom discharge instructions for products, prescriptions, and services.

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Add automated discharge instructions to:

  • Products and services

  • Prescriptions

  • Diagnoses

Regardless of where they're attached in the SOAP, discharge instructions will always populate in the 'Discharge Instructions' section of a patient's medical record (which is accessed on the D tab in a patient's SOAP).

  1. Open a product or diagnosis

    (Admin > Products OR Admin > Diagnoses from your Shepherd menu)

  2. Use the toggle in the Discharge Instructions box to turn on custom automated discharge instructions for the product.

  3. Enter your custom discharge instructions

  4. Copy/paste the variables detailed to the right of the open text field to add a personal touch to the client's experience

  5. Add any documents you wish to include when the product, service, prescription, or diagnosis is added in a patient's SOAP

  6. If you utilize our Fear Free integration, you can also import a ClientEd article here

Once the discharge instructions have been added to the product or service, Shepherd will automatically add them to the patient's record when it's administered.

If the discharge instructions were added to a prescription, they'll populate when a medication has been prescribed (in the 'Rx' section of the SOAP).

These discharge instructions can be printed and/or emailed to the client.

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