Returns & Refunds

Processing a return and issuing a refund, plus goodwill refunds and credit balance refunds.

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Unless you're issuing a goodwill refund or there is an existing credit balance on the account, you'll first need to make a return in order to refund a client.

If your clinic uses Shepherd Pay, click here for more information on payments and refunds using Shepherd Pay

  1. Product return refund

  2. Goodwill refund

  3. Credit Balance refund

  1. Navigate to the client or patient profile

  2. From the client profile, locate and select the invoice with the item the client wants to return (from the patient profile, select the invoice number associated with the item under the Invoice Line Items tab)

  3. Make sure the invoice status is Checked Out

From within the invoice:

  1. Locate the item you want to return

  2. Select the return icon (left pointing swoosh arrow)

  3. Select the quantity of the item you want to return

  4. If the item is linked to your inventory, you'll have the option to add it back to inventory (or not, if it must be tossed)

  5. Click Return

Where does the return go?

When a return is processed, you'll be taken to a new invoice created with the returned item and a negative outstanding balance. If there is an existing active invoice under the client's profile (for any patient), a new invoice will not be created and the returned item and negative balance will be added to the most recent active invoice. Proceed to issuing a refund.

Product Return Refund

Once you've processed the return(s), the item(s) and the negative outstanding balance will be added to a new invoice or the most recent active invoice if there is one for the client.

New Invoice:

  1. The returned item(s) will be the only item(s) on the invoice, making the Balance Due a negative amount.

  2. Click Issue a Refund to be taken to the Refund Screen

  3. Enter the Refund Method and the Refund Amount

    • If the client would like to keep the amount on their account for future invoices, select Credit Balance from the Refund Method dropdown

  4. Check Out

Existing Active Invoice:

  1. You'll be taken directly into the existing active invoice once you select Return from the original invoice. You'll see the returned item in its own category called Invoice Items under Charges for that patient.

  2. The line item will be labeled as a return and have a negative price

  3. The Outstanding Balance on the account and the Balance Due on the invoice account for the refund amount by reducing the balance.

    • If the return amount exceeds the balance due, the invoice will show a negative balance due and take you to the refund screen instead of the take payment screen

Goodwill Refunds

A Goodwill Refund allows you to create a return invoice that will withdraw funds from a specific transaction. The refund will be limited to the amount of the transaction.

  1. From the client profile, navigate to the payment (not invoice) you want to refund under the Financial tab

  2. Click the 3 dots associated with the payment

  3. Select Goodwill Refund

  4. Enter any amount up to the maximum

  5. Enter a refund reason

  6. Issue a Refund

  7. You'll be directed to the invoice with the refund line item (new invoice or most recent active invoice if one exists)

  8. Continue to the refund page by selecting Issue a Refund

  9. Select the method and amount

    • Don't forget to choose Shepherd Pay as the Refund Method and select a corresponding payment if your clinic uses Shepherd Pay!

  10. Check Out

Credit Balance Refund

  1. From the client profile, select the green Credit Balance

  2. Select the Refund Method

  3. Enter the Refund Amount (maximum refund is the amount of the credit balance)

  4. Click Refund Credit Balance

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