Credit balances can happen for a variety of reasons. When a client does have a credit balance, they can do one of two things with that balance:

  • Use it to cover costs on their next visit

  • Receive a refund for the balance of their balance

Using the Credit Balance for Another Visit

If the client wishes to keep their credit balance on their account until another visit, you don't need to do anything until their next visit.

When the time comes for them to use the balance to pay for their next visit:

  1. Open the invoice

  2. Select the 'Take Payment' button at the bottom of the screen

This advances you to the Take Payment section. From here:

  1. Select 'Credit Balance' (blue) from the Payment Method dropdown (pink)

  2. Input the desired amount to be applied

  3. Select the 'Check Out' button at the bottom of the screen

If the credit balance doesn't cover the expenses:

  1. Go through the above steps and apply the full credit balance to the payment

  2. Take a second payment (cash, card, etc.) for the remainder of the invoice(s)

Give a Refund for a Credit Balance

Clients may not wish to have an outstanding credit balance on their account, and instead want to receive a refund. To do that:

  1. Go to 'Clients/Patients'

  2. Search for the client

  3. Select their name

This will open their Client Dashboard. From here:

  1. Select the green Credit Balance amount (orange box), or

  2. Select the 'Take Payment' dropdown (pink box) button and select 'Issue a Refund' (green box)

Either choice takes you to the 'Issue a Refund' section of Shepherd. Once this is open:

  1. Select the refund method from the dropdown (pink).*

  2. Input the refund amount

  3. Select the green 'Refund Credit Balance' button

*Note: Shepherd Pay integrations will need to select 'Shepherd Pay' for all credit card refunds.

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