Reseting a User's PIN or Password

The main difference between a PIN and a password in Shepherd is that every user has a PIN, but not every user has a password.

We've made Shepherd work so that you only need a practice password (for your devices at the clinic) or if you're a remote user. So, our money's on resetting a PIN being a more common issue.

Let's get to it.

Resetting a PIN

Note: To reset a pin, you'll need to have admin access, as well as the correct user permissions assigned to your role. If you're unable to access admin or the 'users' section, contact your Shepherd admin.

Resetting a PIN is done through the user's account settings. To access a user and see/edit their account information:

  • Click 'Admin'

  • Select 'Users'

  • Search for the user

  • Click their name

This will open their account settings.

From that page, click the 'Reset PIN' button in the upper righthand corner of the screen.

Clicking it will trigger a popup. Click 'Reset' to reset the PIN.

After that PIN has been reset, the new PIN will appear in a new popup.

Resetting a Password

To reset the password, follow the steps above to get to the user's account. However, instead of clicking 'Reset PIN,' click either 'Send Password Reset Email' (orange) or 'Change Password' (blue).

  • Send Password Reset Email: allows the user to choose their updated password through the account

  • Change Password: triggers a popup where you (or whoever's resetting the password) will be able to manually change it

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