Return a product

A physical product is returned by the client—or returned to the shelf if never picked up. Refunds or account credit can be given.

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How to Return a Product

A quick note: Being able to return a product is a permission, which is controlled in your user role. If you do not see some the option to return something, it's likely due to what permissions your role has assigned to it. Contact your Shepherd admin to get your role updated.

Part 1: Updating Invoice Status

In order to return a product:

  • A payment has to be made

  • The invoice's status has to be 'Checked out'

Updating the invoice status

To update the invoice status:

  • Open the invoice

  • Click the dropdown next to the invoice number

  • Select 'Checked Out' from the dropdown

This will trigger a pop-up asking if you're sure you want to update the invoice status to 'Checked Out.' Click yes.

Part 2: Issuing a return

After ensuring the invoice's status is 'Checked Out,' you'll be able issue a return for the product(s).

In order to make sure that the return is tracked, you'll need to open the invoice by:

  • Clicking 'Invoices'

  • Navigating to the 'Checked Out' tab

  • Searching for the invoice number or client name

Once you've found the invoice, click it to open it.

Note: you can also navigate to an invoice through the client's dashboard.

With the checked-out invoice open, locate the product the client is returning. Then, click the 'return' icon on the right side, under 'Actions.'

Clicking the 'return' icon will trigger a popup. Here's where you're able to select how many of the products the client is returning (pink).

*If the item being returned is tracked in Inventory, you will be asked if you would like to return this to the Quantity on Hand.

Note: that can be different than—but not exceed—the initial amount of product purchased (green).

After you've selected the quantity, click 'Return'.

Once the return has been completed, there will be an updated outstanding balance (orange), as well as a line item for the return (blue).

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